WYNC: Are Bikes Cars? Steve Vaccaro: Yes…and No.

WNYC’s Brian Lehrer interviews Steve Vaccaro and “Gridlock” Sam Schwartz about Vaccaro & White’s DMV Bike Ticket Class Action and what makes cars and bikes the same–and different–when it comes to street safety.

A New York attorney is filing a lawsuit alleging that cyclists have been unfairly charged when they receive NYPD tickets which treated them as motor vehicles — raising the larger question of whether the laws for cars and the laws for bikes should be the same. We open the phones for bikers, driver, pedestrians and anyone else: When you violate traffic laws on your bike, should you be treated as a car would? Bikers, do you follow the letter of the motor vehicle law when on your bike? Former NYC traffic commissioner and transportation expert “GridlockSam Schwartz helps clarify the laws; and attorney Steve Vaccaro discuses his lawsuit and efforts to protect bikers.

Click here for the audio.

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