Wall Street Journal: NYPD Probe Is Continuing In Flag Swaps

The Wall Street Journal reports on Steve Vaccaro’s representation of a cyclist whose constitutional speech and privacy rights are imperiled by the investigation of the Brooklyn Bridge flag incident.

New York Police Department Commissioner William Bratton said Friday that the NYPD has “a very good idea” of who was involved with replacing the American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge with white ones more than two weeks ago.

Friday, the anonymous Twitter user behind the @BicycleLobby parody account fueled speculation that he or she had been pulled into the flag investigation.

The user—who had posted a message taking credit for hoisting the flags on the bridge (and later said it was a joke)—posted a copy of a subpoena apparently from the Manhattan district attorney’s office seeking Twitter records related to the account. The document is dated July 23, a day after the stunt.

Steve Vaccaro, an attorney who specializes in cyclist and pedestrian matters and who represents the Twitter user, declined to comment on the nature of the investigation.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office declined to comment.

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