Village Voice: Videos of Mathieu Lefevre Cycling Accident Don’t Match NYPD Description

The saga of the NYPD’s flawed investigation into the death of cyclist Mathieu Lefevre last fall was already full of stupefying examples of incompetence and apparent untruth.

To clear up any possible confusion, Vaccaro asked the NYPD if he could come review their copies of the videos to make sure they were looking at the same thing. The NYPD refused. So last Tuesday Vaccaro sent the police a letter, asking for written confirmation that the videos were “true and accurate copies of the originals.” The police are required by law to provide this certification when asked for it, but they never wrote back. On Friday Vaccaro wrote again, but he still hasn’t heard anything.

We asked the NYPD for comment, but so far they haven’t responded to us either.

“The reason the Lefevre family authorized the release of these videos is that they’re suddenly back in the same place they were months ago, waiting for some explanation of what actually happened,” Vaccaro said.

The next hearing in the Lefevre case is scheduled for February 14. Until then, Vaccaro said, the family is still waiting for an answer.

“We’re scratching our heads. We want people to know that there is this unsolved mystery still in the Lefevre case, created in part by the NYPD’s fanciful description of the videos.”

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