Village Voice: Questions Raised About NYPD’s Claims Linking Occupy Wall Street To Murder

Court House New York

Last night, the local NBC affiliate ran a story based on an unnamed source leaking the following information: There had been a break in the eight-years-cold investigation of the murder of Sarah Fox in Inwood. DNA evidence recovered from her CD player, found near her corpse, matched DNA taken from a chain used to hold open a subway door in the fare strike conducted by wildcat transit union members and Occupy Wall Street affiliated activists.

Steve Vaccaro, a lawyer who is currently litigating multiple cases in which selective NYPD leaks have apparently been used to slant public perception of a case, said the leak in the Fox case can only serve to tip off the murderer, assuming the DNA link is legitimate.

“I can’t see any legitimate law enforcement purpose to leaking that kind of information,” Vaccaro said. “It raises the question of what other purpose they might have. It certainly doesn’t speak well for the department in terms of its ability to control leaks.”

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