Village Voice: NYPD Belatedly Turns Over Pictures in Mathieu Lefevre Bike Case

After Steve Vaccaro and client Erika Lefevre testified before City Council, the NYPD finally provided Mathieu Lefevre’s family pictures from the crime scene.

When Mathieu Lefevre was thrown from his bicycle and killed by a truck in Brooklyn last October, his case became Exhibit A for cycling advocates who have argued for years that bicyclists killed on the streets of New York almost never get justice from the police.

Only in late February — after Erika Lefevre’s testimony before City Council had publicly highlighted the city’s uncooperativeness, that the NYPD provided the pictures from the crime scene and told the family that a special video codec was required to properly view the surveillance footage.

Despite all this, the city is arguing that the Lefevre’s lawsuit should be dismissed. The Lefevre’s lawyer, Steve Vaccaro, says the court needs to settle the question at hand: “Was the NYPD justified in withholding this information as long as they did?”

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