Village Voice: Mathieu Lefevre’s Family’s Suit Against the NYPD Dismissed

Justice for Mathieu Lefevre

A grieving family’s lawsuit against the NYPD over the department’s heel-dragging in turning over information about the death of a cyclist was dismissed today.

It’s a disappointing ruling for the Lefevre’s lawyer, Steve Vaccaro, who argued that the police department’s delays were symptomatic of its reluctance to turn over information to victims families until its threatened with a lawsuit.

“While the courts findings with respect to the NYPD’s unjust delays were accurate and welcome, and provide some solace to the Lefevres, still the ruling vindicates the NYPD’s strategy of stonewalling victim’s families who are trying to get this kind of information,” Vaccaro said today. “There’s no financial incentive for the department to change its ways.”


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