Vaccaro & White Recover $1.1 Million for Family of Woman Killed by Police

The Law Office of Vaccaro & White recovered $1,100,003 from the City of New York in a suit alleging excessive force and discrimination on the basis of disability arsing out of the death of Shereese Francis.  Summoned to assist in transporting her to the hospital, four police officers ignored NYPD rules and training, chased Shereese into her mother’s bed, and then beat and suffocated her to death.  the suit alleged that the officers used excessive force and failed to accommodate Shereese’s disability by antagonizing her and rushing the encounter in violation of NYPD protocols and best practices.

Plaintiff’s complaint is linked here.

The court’s order approving the settlement is linked here.

Details concerning the incident are found in various media reports:

Village Voice: “Family Sues to Learn Why Shereese Francis was Suffocated in Her Home by Police”

Village Voice: “The NYPD’s Poor Judgement With the Mentally Ill”

Gothamist: “Did The NYPD Suffocate A Mentally Ill Woman To Death While Trying To Cuff Her?”


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