Two NYC Cyclists Wage Long, Losing Fight Against $4,600 In Red Light Tickets

A Bedford-Stuyvesant couple is left with few options after police followed them as they rode through a series of red lights and were fined over $4,600.

Vaccaro has heard a lot of cyclist yarns, and he says this tops all the bundled bike ticket cases he’s encountered. “It’s the worst I’ve ever seen,” he said.

“To them [the police], one red light ticket is as good as any other, and if they can write them more efficiently by following a cyclist, then that means they’re done with their ticket-writing sooner,” Vaccaro said.

“The problem with this and other cases involving traffic tickets is that there’s really not a lot people can do at the DMV,” said Steve Vaccaro, a personal injury attorney focusing on cyclists and pedestrians. “Most of the judges take the officers’ word for it, and some of them are outright hostile to cyclists.”

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