Streetsblog: Vaccaro: Video Shows NYPD Wrongly Faulted Slain Cyclist Mathieu Lefevre

Justice for Mathieu Lefevre

Vaccaro & White represent the family of Mathieu Lefevre.

Video footage indicates that NYPD was wrong to conclude that cyclist Mathieu Lefevre caused the October 2011 crash that took his life, according to Steve Vaccaro, the attorney representing Lefevre’s family.

Last week, the Lefevres and Vaccaro saw video of the crash in its entirety for the first time. In a letter delivered Tuesday to Supreme Court judge Peter Moulton, Vaccaro says NYPD purposefully did not disclose that the video, which at first did not appear to match the police description of how the crash unfolded, required specific decoding software to function properly.


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