Cyclists International: Steve Faust, Well Known Bike Advocate, Mourned

Jen Benepe wrote this obituary for Steve Faust, an engineer, planner and New York cycling advocate for over 50 years, who continued his work as a consultant to Vaccaro & White through 2014.

Cyclists have been mourning the death this past Saturday of Steve Faust, 67, a long-time bicycle advocate whose voice was heard in many places trumpeting the cause of cyclist safety.

The cause was chronic lymphocytic leukemia which Faust battled for some time, but had been surviving, according to his family.

Faust held a masters in city and regional planning from the Harvard University School of Design, and went to work for the Federal Transit Administration.

Staying there until 2000–22 years–Faust planned, designed, and performed environmental reviews and construction oversight of multi-billion dollar transit projects in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, including the new 2nd Ave. Subway, Metro North stations and trains, New Jersey Transit bus and rail, and Connecticut bus and New Haven Rail Services, according to his resume.

But even after his retirement Faust was active in bicycle advocacy. He played a strong role in assisting co-counsels Adam White and Steve Vaccaro who have been active in pressing the cases of cyclists and pedestrians–or their family members–after horrific crashes in New York City.

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