Injured bike riders

Adam White and Steve Vaccaro are lifelong daily cyclists who understand the special needs and concerns of cyclist crash victims. Many of our clients rely on the no-fault insurance of the driver who struck them to pay medical bills and cover living expenses while disabled, and require extensive rehabilitation to return to riding. We win maximum compensation for our cyclist clients and make sure they get the timely medical treatment and lost earnings payments they need. Learn more about Vaccaro & White’s bike law practice.

Pedestrian victims of motorist and other negligence

Pedestrians face serious disadvantages when struck by a motorist, including the “windshield perspective” of many crash investigators, dependence upon the motorist’s no-fault insurance for medical coverage, and a criminal justice system that too often ignores evidence of drivers’ recklessness. Vaccaro & White understands the unique needs of pedestrian crash victims and their surviving family members. We conduct our own crash investigations, and often turn up evidence overlooked by police that can make a critical difference in civil and even criminal proceedings. Learn more about Vaccaro & White’s pedestrian accident and crash practice.

Police misconduct and other tort litigation

Vaccaro & White also represent victims of police misconduct, negligence by premises owners, workplace discrimination, professional malpractice, and other torts. As in all cases, we give personalized, attentive representation to each clients that focuses on the client’s objectives. Learn more about Vaccaro & White’s general tort practice.

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