Intelligencer: “NYPD Accused of Covering Up Pedestrian Death by Cop Car”

New York magazine covers new evidence against the NYPD in the Ryo Oyamada pedestrian crash case.

On February 21, 2013, Ryo Oyamada, a 24-year-old from Japan studying in New York City, was struck and killed by Officer Darren Ilardi’s NYPD vehicle. According to the police, the squad car was responding to a 911 call and had its emergency lights on. Witnesses, however, said at the time that they were not on, and a lawsuit filed against the department by Oyamada’s family alleges a “cover-up.” Surveillance video from near the accident, newly obtained by the family’s lawyers through a Freedom of Information request, appears to back up those allegations.

“The videos were received in highly edited form and have time-stamps that are likely incorrect … we believe that, at a minimum, these videos cast doubt on the public statements of the New York Police Department to the effect that the vehicle that struck Ryo Oyamada had its emergency lights activated,” says attorney Steve Vaccaro.

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