How Much Evidence Does The NYPD Need To Arrest A Hit & Run Driver?

Gothamist interviews Steve Vaccaro about our ongoing push to get justice for our client Dulcie Canton, injured one year ago by a hit-and-run driver driver, who the NYPD still has not arrested.

It’s been a year since Dulcie Canton was struck by a hit-and-run driver while cycling in Bushwick, suffering brain bleed and broken bones that took months to heal. But though Canton has possessed video evidence of the collision for nearly a year, and managed to track down the owner of the vehicle, the NYPD has never bothered to question him, telling Canton that investigators dropped the ball on her case.

According to Vaccaro, the NYPD did in fact reach out to Rivera after being repeatedly presented with the videos and the serial number for the damaged car part.

“We thought [the evidence] was enough for the NYPD to tell Mr. Rivera that they wanted to talk to him and they wouldn’t take no for an answer,” Vaccaro told us. “But when they said, ‘Mr. Rivera, we want to speak to you about this,’ as a result of our many letters and phone calls, he said no, and they said, Oh, okay.”

Vaccaro says the NYPD didn’t pursue it further.

“That’s basically the NYPD’s position, when you have that sort of evidence against the driver, it’s voluntary for the driver to come in for an interview and speak with NYPD or not,” Vaccaro said.

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