Gothamist: Witnesses Say Speeding National Guard Vehicle Ran Red Light Before Killing Man

National Guard Canal Street Fatality

According to an NYPD spokesman, there have been no charges filed against a National Guardsman who struck and killed 82-year-old Kwok Fu with a military vehicle as he was crossing Canal Street on Monday. The spokesman added that the investigation is ongoing, but several witnesses to the incident have come forward claiming that the military truck ran the red light without warning. “The entire convoy was maintaining speed through all of the red lights,” David Trimble told Streetsblog. “It was not immediately clear that this convoy of trucks was not going to stop at the red light. There were no blaring horns, sirens, or anything else. The pedestrian was not jaywalking or trying to beat the convoy. I saw the impact clearly.”

Attorney Steve Vaccaro explained to Streetsblog that the vehicles may be deemed as an “authorized emergency vehicle” engaged in an “emergency operation,” but those vehicles are only allowed to drive through red lights “after slowing down as may be necessary for safe operation.”

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