Gothamist: Video: Bike Share Debate Settled Once And For All On Fox 5

Fox5’s Good Day New York show televised a debate on the Citibike bike share program with Steve Vaccaro.

If you think the bike share debate is entertaining when the tabloids and heartless websites who utilize cruel strikethroughs in their headlines are involved, you need a bracing taste of Local TV News. This morning FOX 5’s Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly had bike advocate and attorney Steve Vaccaro debate Pyrric NIMBY Advocate Jeffrey Barr on the issue of Citi Bike for six minutes. Vaccaro had just dismissed the argument that cycling was inherently dangerous when Kelly chimed in with an important point: He and Rosanna once rode around the studio on a Citi Bike! Do we have footage of that we can roll, Phil? We do? Ha ha great!

Vaccaro calmly explained that the figure represents people who commute to work every day using their bike. “There are 500,000 in NY who bicycle several times a month,” Vaccaro said, citing census data.  “Steve, you actually rode your bicycle to our studio today,” Scotto asks, as if she is looking at the biker from Raising Arizona. “Any problems?”

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