Gothamist: New Law Might Improve NYPD Response to Reckless Drivers

Gothamist interviewed Steve Vaccaro about a legislative proposal to eliminate the “observed violation” rule that insulates reckless drivers from summonses if police don’t witness the violation.

After failing to get out of committee last year, the New York State Senate has passed a bill that would allow police officers to better enforce the laws against drivers who kill and maim pedestrians and cyclists.

Attorney Steve Vaccaro explains that reasonable cause means that “a police officer has enough evidence to believe that someone has violated the law.” He points to a case in which a livery cab made an illegal U-turn on Jay Street in Brooklyn and struck a cyclist. A photograph (seen here) of the incident—showing the car skewed at an awkward angle in the bike lane—would be enough to trigger reasonable cause, even if an officer didn’t witness it.

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