Gothamist: After Cabbie Maims Tourist, Councilman Demands Changes at NYPD

Photo Credit: "The scene of yesterday's incident, via Bradd Jaffy"

Gothamist interviewed Steve Vaccaro about whether criminal charges could be brought against a reckless cab driver.

The chair of the City Council’s public safety committee expressed concern today at the NYPD’s reluctance to criminally charge the cab driver who jumped a curb outside Rockefeller Center yesterday morning, striking a cyclist and severely injuring a pedestrian.

Steve Vaccaro, an attorney and safe streets advocate, says that the pedestrian-saturated location, the cab driver’s reportedly high rate of speed, the distance the cab traveled on the sidewalk after it hopped the curb, and the testimony from eyewitnesses all make a strong case for criminal charges.

“There are a bunch of lesser charges that could be considered, but based on what’s been reported, the DA should certainly be pressing charges here for 1st degree assault—that’s a Class B felony.”


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