Epoch Times: “Retool NYPD Accident Investigations Squad, Says Report and Officials”

Adam White

In a story by the Epoch Times, Adam White calls for changes to NYPD crash investigation protocols, which hinder the cause of justice for victims of motorist negligence.

Even in cases of death, though, investigations by the AIS are “generally inadequate,” said Adam D. White Esq., a lawyer who specializes in cases in which cyclists are injured in accidents. “They gather some information that’s useful for civil action, but generally it’s not complete, it’s not thorough,” White said.

In the case of the squad not being involved, regular patrol officers “conduct a less thorough, sort of a minimal investigation,” White said. They take down statements of involved parties and might examine a vehicle for damage or take down names of witnesses, but “that’s hit or miss.”

Paul Steely White, of Transportation Alternatives, said it’s not lack of funding that has limited the NYPD. “There are 30,000 police officers, and the fact that that only 19 of them are trained to do this work is not a lack of funding,” he said.

Adam White said although the Accident Investigation Squad has not, in his memory, failed to probe a case where someone died or nearly died, “they should expand the [squad] size, and they should expand the standard.”

“It shouldn’t be just death or likelihood to die,” he said. “If it’s significant injury, they should investigate thoroughly.”

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