DNAinfo New York: Protected Bike Lanes Coming to East Harlem Next Spring

The protected bike lanes coming to East Harlem are welcomed by Vaccaro & White.

HARLEM — Construction of a protected bike lane on Second Avenue from 96th to 125th streets will begin in March or April of 2012, the Department of Transportation announced this week.

The DOT announcement Tuesday night came after East Side residents and politicians rallied in opposition last year, when the agency announced it was only planning to extend the lanes on First and Second Avenues from Houston Street to 34th Street, instead of to 125th Street as had been promised.

Bicycle volume has also spiked in some areas. In June 2010, there was an average of 1,226 riders from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. between St. Mark’s Place and East 9th Street. In June 2011, bike volume jumped 73 percent to 2,126 riders.

“This is one important piece of a larger facility,” said Steve Vaccaro, chair of Transportation Alternatives’ East Side Committee. “I’m glad the DOT is following through on the original design. it will serve this community and people up to the Bronx.”

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