DNAinfo New York: NYPD Bicyclist Crackdown Hits Wrong Target, Critics Say

Steve Vaccaro encourages the NYPD to focus on safety instead of “gotcha” tickets.

UPPER WEST SIDE — Frustrated cyclists say an NYPD crackdown on bikers takes aim at the wrong target, ticketing largely law-abiding bike riders when they should be keeping an eye on dangerous motorists.

“I don’t have any problem with law enforcement against cyclists, as long as it’s focused on safety,” said cyclist Steve Vaccaro, a member of cycling advocacy group Transportation Alternatives. “But what I don’t understand is the enforcement priority on ticketing cyclists regardless of whether safety is an issue.”

Vaccaro said he’s heard of cyclists ticketed for turning right on red at an empty intersections. He accused police of issuing “gotcha” tickets to cyclists for technical violations.

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