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The Law Office of Vaccaro and White has filed a federal suit on behalf of a statewide class of hundreds of thousands of cyclists who have faced or may in the future face unlawful penalties for traffic tickets while biking that are supposed to only apply to motorists. The action, captioned Randy Cohen et al., v. State of New York, et al., seeks refunds of surcharges ranging from $50 to $88 to thousands of cyclists; rescission of improperly-applied license points; and changes to DMV’s form of traffic ticket, website and procedures to ensure that cyclists re no longer  face the motorist-only penalties.

If you believe you may have paid the unlawful DMV surcharge for a bicycling ticket, or gotten points on your license for a violation while bicycling, contact us with a short description of the circumstances.

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Case Documents:

DMV Class Action – Summons and Complaint

DMV Class Action – First Amended Complaint

Correspondence with DMV:

2014.08.13 Ltr to DMV

2014.08.20 letter from DMV

2014.08.20 letter to DMV legal

9.15.14 DMV Cyclist Response

Links to press reports:

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Streetsblog: “DMV Cheating Cyclists With Unlawful Surcharges and License Points “

CBS Video Report: Manhattan Cyclist Shocked To Discover Bike Violation Could Result In Driver’s License Points

Gothamist: “Class Action Suit Targets DMV For Fining Cyclists As If They’re Drivers”


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