Daily News: NYPD says it is catching up with those behind Brooklyn Bridge flag caper

The Daily News asked Steve Vaccaro about the District Attorney’s surprising decision to subpoena a cyclist on Twitter about the flag incident.

The NYPD appears to be closing in on four or five people who scaled the Brooklyn Bridge and replaced two American flags with white ones, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Friday.

“We think we have a very good idea of who’s responsible,’’ Bratton said in television interview.

In a perplexing development, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has subpoenaed the owner of a parody Twitter account that claimed credit for the stunt.

A handful of news organizations, including the Daily News, were initially duped by the @BicycleLobby’s public claim of responsibility.

But the lawyer representing the account’s owner said the police should know better.

“It’s surprising that anyone in law enforcement could view the tweet in question as a source of potentially relevant information in any criminal investigation,” said lawyer Steve Vaccaro.

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