Daily News: V&W Client Leading Citibike Workers’ Union Organizing Drive

Vaccaro & White supports the efforts of our personal injury client Dolly Winter and other New York Bike LLC employees to win union representation.

TWU Local 100 is organizing Citibike workers into a chapter, with more than 50% of staffers having signed authorization cards declaring their desire to be represented by the union.

Local 100 was the union of choice for Citibike workers because cycling, now more than ever, is an above-ground extension of the subway and bus network, said Dolly Winter, a Citibike dispatcher and lead organizer. “It’s a strong union that seems to have good political connections,” she said.

Higher pay isn’t the top motivation for workers looking to unionize, said Nicholas Bedell, education director at TWU Local 100. They feel Citibike is being poorly managed, and they want to be a unified force it getting it on track, Bedell said.

“These are bike people, and it’s driving them crazy,” Bedell said. “They believe in the bike share program, and they came on to make it work.”

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