CBS2 news: Central Park Bikers Warned To Keep Eyes Out For Thumbtacks

CBS’s Tony Aiello interviewed Steve Vaccaro about a fall he took after hitting thumbtacks on the Central Park Loop.

Bike riders beware. Someone has apparently been putting down thumbtacks across the roads in Central Park.

Some bike riders actually did hit the pavement after their tires suddenly went flat following the tack attack.

Steve Vaccaro said he took a tumble off his bike recently when the front tire was punctured by a thumbtack left on Central Park Drive near West 102nd Street. “I was injured, thankfully, not seriously. I skinned my elbow. I think it will grow back,” Vaccaro told CBS 2’s Aiello.

Vaccaro said it was a simple silver tack and he wasn’t the only rider to get the point. “I’m not sure how thumbtacks make their way into Central Park,” Vaccaro said. He refused to point fingers, but the New York Cycle Club issued an alert calling the tacks “a booby trap” aimed at bicyclists.

One rider said he went out early Thursday morning wondering if the thumbtacks were part of a biking backlash. “We’ve seen a lot of change in recent years with bicycling taking more prominence in Central Park and elsewhere in the city, with the new bike lanes and other changes, and I think we’ve just seen people being afraid of change,” Peter Niessen said.

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