CBS Video Report: Manhattan Cyclist Shocked To Discover Bike Violation Could Result In Driver’s License Points

CBS2 News’ Elyse Finch interviews Steve Vaccaro about DMV’s unlawful practice of applying points to driver’s licenses for cycling violations.

Attorney and cycling enthusiast Steve Vaccaro said bike violations in New York state are never supposed to result in penalties on a driver’s license. It happens because some law enforcement officers don’t fully understand bike rules.

“I think what we have here is a case where someone just didn’t know the rule. We’ve actually had to go and pursue an appeal to the appellate board of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Albany to get them to reverse the points,” said Vaccaro.

The cyclist with the bike case currently pending pleaded not guilty and will have his day in traffic court this November.

Bike advocates said the summons form police officers fill out was created for cars, not bikes, so it’s easy to make mistakes that get continued when entered into DMV computers.

Click here for the video report.

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