Gothamist: “Will Banning Big Trucks Make Canal Street Less Deadly?”

Hsi-Pei Liao, who learned last week that the DMV had voided tickets issued to the driver who killed his 3-year-old daughter and injured his mother in Queens last year was on hand.  “We just want justice for what happened,” Liao said. “It’s very hard for us to be here and talk about our family’s death […]

Fox5: Lack of Enforcement Raises Questions About New 25MPH Limit

On the first day of New York City’s default 25 MPH speed limit under the Vision Zero program, Arthur Ch’ien speaks with Steve Vaccaro about how lax traffic law enforcement has denied justice to the family of one crash victim, 3 year old Ally Liao. Click here for the video report.

Gothamist: “Driver Kills 3-Year-Old In Queens, DMV Voids His Tickets”

Just over a year ago, 3-year-old Allison Liao was killed by an SUV driver while crossing a street with her grandmother in Flushing, Queens. Liao was holding her grandmother’s hand, the two were in the crosswalk and had the right of way. But that driver, Ahmad Abu-Zayedeh, was not criminally charged, merely issued traffic tickets […]

Gothamist: “Video: Flushing Ave Bike Lane Perfect Place To Park Your Truck Convoy”

Since it first crawled out of the primordial ooze by the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the bike lane on Flushing Avenue has proven irresistible to truck drivers looking for a spot to chill….[T]his stretch of Flushing has become so popular with idling truck drivers that the DOT really ought to just paint over the bike lane […]

Gothamist: “Brooklyn Cyclist May Have Found Her Hit & Run Driver, But NYPD Won’t Question Him”

Gothamist covers the NYPD’s failure to investigate a car-on-bike hit-and-run and the broader problem with NYPD crash investigations. A 37-year-old cyclist who was seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver in Bushwick early last month is still waiting for the NYPD to interview her alleged assailant. The entire incident was caught on surveillance tape, a witness […]