Streetsblog: “In a First, NYPD Precinct Officer Charges Driver Under New Right-of-Way Law”

Steve Vaccaro discusses the first known application of the Right of Way Law that he helped draft and enact, in the case of Vaccaro & White client struck by a reckless cab driver. The Law Office of Vaccaro & White is representing the victim in what may be the first case of a precinct-level charge […]

NY Law Journal: ‘Doored’ Bicyclist’s Lawsuit Can Proceed, Judge Says

The New York law Journal covered a decision of note won by Vaccaro & White affecting bicyclists doored by taxicabs and hit and run victims. A bicyclist struck by a taxicab door opened by a passenger can apply for compensation from a nonprofit corporation formed to indemnify injured people in accidents where insurance is unavailable, […]

Judge: No Loophole for “Door-and-Run” Cab Passengers

Judge Arlene Bluth of New York County Supreme Court denied a motion seeking to dismiss the claims of a cyclist seriously injured when “doored” by a cab passenger, in a case where the cab fled the scene of the crash. The cyclist, a client of Vaccaro & White, had made a claim upon the Motor […]

Columbia Spectator: No charges for cab driver who killed Cooper Stock

The Columbia Spectator interviewed pedestrian crash lawyer Steve Vaccaro regarding the District Attorney’s decision to not prosecute the cab driver who killed 9-year-old Cooper Stock. The taxi driver who hit and killed 9-year-old Cooper Stock in January will not be criminally charged and instead receive a ticket and fine, Stock’s mother Dana Lerner said she […]

TLC: Cab Driver Who Struck V&W Client Was Reckless

Our client, while walking in the crosswalk with the right of way, was struck by a turning cab driver and seriously injured. She brought a complaint at the Taxi & Limousine Commission.  The Administrative Law Judge found that the driver had behaved recklessly, by failing to yield to her and an entire group of pedestrians.  […]