New York Post: Court Ruling Puts City on the Hook in Dangerous-Streets Suit

The city must do a better job fixing dangerous streets or face a slew of big lawsuits, thanks to a ruling by the state’s highest court in the case of a young boy injured in a 2004 crash. “Concerns about traffic and parking have played too great a role in leaving areas without the necessary […]

Gothamist: “Video: Flushing Ave Bike Lane Perfect Place To Park Your Truck Convoy”

Since it first crawled out of the primordial ooze by the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the bike lane on Flushing Avenue has proven irresistible to truck drivers looking for a spot to chill….[T]his stretch of Flushing has become so popular with idling truck drivers that the DOT really ought to just paint over the bike lane […]

Judge: Restaurant’s Liability for Cooking Oil in Bike Lane Will Go to Jury

It is not uncommon for New York City restaurants to unlawfully discharge waste into the street.  With the proliferation of curbside bike lanes in recent years, an increasing number of cyclists have been injured as a result. In one such instance, Judge Kenny of New York State Supreme Court has ruled that the claims of […]