Vaccaro & White Recover $1.1 Million for Family of Woman Killed by Police

The Law Office of Vaccaro & White recovered $1,100,003 from the City of New York in a suit alleging excessive force and discrimination on the basis of disability arsing out of the death of Shereese Francis.  Summoned to assist in transporting her to the hospital, four police officers ignored NYPD rules and training, chased Shereese […]

NY Law Journal: ‘Doored’ Bicyclist’s Lawsuit Can Proceed, Judge Says

The New York law Journal covered a decision of note won by Vaccaro & White affecting bicyclists doored by taxicabs and hit and run victims. A bicyclist struck by a taxicab door opened by a passenger can apply for compensation from a nonprofit corporation formed to indemnify injured people in accidents where insurance is unavailable, […]

Second Driver Who Struck Dooring Victim Thrown Into His Path Cannot Escape Liability

Adm White won an appellate ruling that a driver who strikes a doored cyclist that had been thrown into his path cannot rely on the “emergency doctrine” to escape liability for the second collision.  The cyclist received compensation from the owner of the vehicle that doored her, but the second vehicle that struck her after […]

Judge: Restaurant’s Liability for Cooking Oil in Bike Lane Will Go to Jury

It is not uncommon for New York City restaurants to unlawfully discharge waste into the street.  With the proliferation of curbside bike lanes in recent years, an increasing number of cyclists have been injured as a result. In one such instance, Judge Kenny of New York State Supreme Court has ruled that the claims of […]

Judge: No Loophole for “Door-and-Run” Cab Passengers

Judge Arlene Bluth of New York County Supreme Court denied a motion seeking to dismiss the claims of a cyclist seriously injured when “doored” by a cab passenger, in a case where the cab fled the scene of the crash. The cyclist, a client of Vaccaro & White, had made a claim upon the Motor […]