Gothamist: “$250 Fine For SUV Driver Who Deliberately Plowed Into Cyclist During Road Rage Incident”

If you want to use your car as a weapon in Manhattan, you just need to pay a $250 fine. The Manhattan DA’s office made a last-minute decision not to go to trial an SUV driver who was witnessed ramming his vehicle into a cyclist during a road rage incident last year. 33-year-old Jose Henriquez, […]

Bike Snob NYC: “Cycling Under Attack”

Bike Snob comments on District Attorney’s sweetheart plea deal for a motorist who intentionally struck a Vaccaro & White client. So how much would you pay to run a cyclist down with your SUV in the Most Bike-Friendly City In America? $1,500? $1,000? $500? Well, if you act now, you can run down the annoying […]

Streetsblog: “DA Cy Vance: $250 Fine for Motorist Accused of Deliberately Striking Cyclist”

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance dropped assault charges against a hit-and-run driver accused of intentionally ramming a cyclist with an SUV, allowing the defendant to plead guilty to leaving the scene and pay a small fine, according to court documents and the victim’s attorney, Steve Vaccaro. Vaccaro says the case was one of several handled […]

NY Law Journal: ‘Doored’ Bicyclist’s Lawsuit Can Proceed, Judge Says

The New York law Journal covered a decision of note won by Vaccaro & White affecting bicyclists doored by taxicabs and hit and run victims. A bicyclist struck by a taxicab door opened by a passenger can apply for compensation from a nonprofit corporation formed to indemnify injured people in accidents where insurance is unavailable, […]

Daily News: Hit-and-run drivers could pay up to $10K under new city law

V&W client Martha Puruncajas’ tragic loss of her 19 year old son Luis Bravo to a hit-and-run driver helped focus attention on the need for stiffer penalties. Hit-and-run drivers will be slapped with city fines of up to $10,000 under a bill passed by the City Council on Tuesday. The Council voted 49 to 0 […]