Erika Lefevre and Steve Vaccaro

New York City Council NYPD Oversight Hearing: Testimony of Erika Lefevre

Following public outcry over NYPD’s mishandling of fatal crash investigations, the Transportation and Public Safety Committees of the New York City Council convened an oversight hearing at which Vaccaro & White client Erika Lefevre testified about NYPD’s mishandling of the investigation into the death of her son, Mathieu Lefevre.

Erika Lefevre and Steve Vaccaro

Village Voice: Police Finally Reveal Embarrassing File in Mathieu Lefevre Cycling Death

Forced by a looming Freedom of Information Law deadline, on Friday the New York Police Department finally told the mother of Mathieu Lefevre what it knows about the cycling death of her son last fall.   Click here for the full article.

New York Times: A New Breed of Lawyers Focuses on Bicyclists’ Rights

This New York Times profile of Steve Vaccaro and Adam White was written before they joined to form the Law Office of Vaccaro and White, New York’s leading bicycle accident firm.