Gothamist: “Video Points To NYPD Cover-Up After Cop Fatally Ran Over Pedestrian”

Gothamist continues its in-depth coverage of the death of Ryo Oyamada and efforts by his family to uncover the truth about the NYPD’s role. Newly released video from NYC Housing Authority security cameras in Queensbridge appears to show that the NYPD is lying about a fatal crash that killed a Japanese student last year and […]

Intelligencer: “NYPD Accused of Covering Up Pedestrian Death by Cop Car”

New York magazine covers new evidence against the NYPD in the Ryo Oyamada pedestrian crash case. On February 21, 2013, Ryo Oyamada, a 24-year-old from Japan studying in New York City, was struck and killed by Officer Darren Ilardi’s NYPD vehicle. According to the police, the squad car was responding to a 911 call and […]

#BikeNYC Community History–A Panel Discussion

At a panel discussion of the history of cycling in New York City, Steve Vaccaro discussed the significance of Mathieu Lefevre’s death and the movement it catalyzed to hold NYPD accountable for crash investigations.

Lefevre Ruling

New York Times: Judge Faults Police for Delays in Providing Records of Fatal Accident

A judge criticized the police on Friday for dragging their feet in releasing records and reports to the Lefevre family, saying the department had “needlessly delayed” handing over documents.