Driver Who “Wanted To Kill” Times Square Pedestrians Charged With Murder

Amidst outcry over driver Richard Rojas, who injured dozens of pedestrians in Times Square rampage, advocates call for a more comprehensive approach to traffic violence. The [Rojas] crash video is “the most shocking” I’ve ever seen, said Steve Vaccaro, a leading lawyer and advocate of cyclists and pedestrians. The severe charges facing Rojas were appropriate, he added, but not […]

Queens Tribune: “Van Bramer Wants Heavier Hit And Run Penalties”

Borough already plagued by traffic deaths, three fatal hit and runs have inspired legislative action. Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside) said he would champion legislation that would double penalties for hit and run drivers, after three pedestrians – 19-year old Luis Bravo, 20-year-old Karen Pheras and 64-year-old Kumar Ragunath – were killed in his district […]