“NYPD: We Will No Longer Target Grieving Cyclists after Crashes” — Streetsblog

At a forum on Thursday hosted by WNYC and Gothamist’s “We the Commuters” project, NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan announced that the department would no longer write summonses to cyclists in the wake of a driver killing a cyclist — a practice that has long been decried by the victims, especially in a year when 15 cyclists have been killed by drivers so far.

The new policy statement came after White asked about the 72-hour post-crash crackdowns against cyclists, which should really be “a ticket blitz against drivers,” or, as Robbins added, “a lobbying blitz on City Hall or the Department of Transportation to say that this road appears unsafe.”

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And watch the video featuring Vaccaro and White principal Adam White here (starting at 25 mins 23 secs):