Daily News: $10 Million Bike Suits

The Daily News interviewed Adam White about the litigation he brought to win compensation for cyclists injured by defective expansion joint covers on the Williamsburg Bridge.

THE CITY IS FACING $10 million in lawsuits from injured cyclists who blame their broken bones on raised metal plates that line the Williamsburg Bridge bike path. That’s a fifth of the $50 million it cost to build the pedestrian and bike path in 2002. “From the first day that I rode over the bridge, I thought those bumps were really dangerous,” said cyclist Carsten Fleck, 34, who shattered his pelvis in an Oct. 21, 2003 crash. “I just want to get the bumps out of the way to prevent other people from having to go through this.

“There are reasonable and safe alternatives that are out there that are not cost-prohibitive,” said lawyer Adam White, who is representing the five injured cyclists.

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