Justice for Pedestrians

We Understand the Unique Needs of Pedestrian Crash Victims.

Pedestrian pageA pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle is highly vulnerable to serious or fatal injury.  Police responding to the scene often share the driver’s “windshield perspective” that the pedestrian was at fault. The victim often is too dazed (if conscious) to give a coherent version of events. Unless the victim has personal automobile insurance, they must rely on the driver’s no-fault coverage for medical bills.

Vaccaro & White understands the unique position of pedestrian crash victims.  Families of pedestrians killed by motorists have turned to us for representation, including families leading the fight to eliminate traffic fatalities through Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero program.  Our firm sued the NYPD to force improvements in the investigation of pedestrian crashes, and has proposed legislation to impose criminal penalties on sober reckless drivers who injure or kill pedestrians.

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Our Clients’ Objectives Come First.

We measure success by our clients’ objectives.  Each of our clients has a direct, transparent relationship with the lawyer handling their case, not just a junior lawyer or paralegal.  At our firm, lawyer and client work closely together to guarantee personal, responsive representation.  In all cases, we understand our clients’ need for justice that includes but goes beyond a cash recovery.  Our client’s wishes, informed by our advice and experience, are the last word. Other firms may say similar things, but we mean it — and we do it.

Winning the Medical Coverage You Need. 

The immediate concern of every crash victim is getting timely, high-quality medical treatment. But under New York’s and New Jersey’s no-fault laws, a crash victim must rely on no-fault insurance or may wind up paying for their own treatment — even if they use personal health insurance.

Some personal injury attorneys consider their clients to be “on their own” when it comes to no-fault, but we walk our clients through and around the many no-fault pitfalls.  Our clients get the maximum recovery from no-fault in addition to the recovery on their personal injury claim.  Before choosing a lawyer, a cyclist should ask: how many times has the lawyer arbitrated a no-fault claim? We do so often for our clients, recovering thousands of dollars in addition to the personal injury recovery, without charging a fee.

Winning the Lost Earnings You Deserve.

Many of our clients are self-employed, work freelance, or have other non-conventional employment.  Whether you are a full-time dog-walker or a tenure-track assistant professor, we know how to document your lost income and explain your derailed career path to maximize your recovery.