General Tort Practice


What is a “Tort”?

“Tort” is the legal term for a harmful act that entitles the victim to compensation. While our firm’s practice centers on harm caused by motorists, we are experienced practitioners of general tort law.  We have delivered superb results for clients harmed in many different ways.

Like all our clients, our general tort clients choose us because of our personalized, client-centered approach in cases such as these:

Police Misconduct 

We are experts on NYPD crash investigation procedures and have represented clients and advised lawmakers on many occasions with respect to shoddy police investigations.  We also represent several families of persons killed by NYPD officers, and have resolved police misconduct cases for settlement payments in excess of $1 million.

Injuries from Falls

We have won compensation for many clients harmed by falls on negligently-maintained sidewalks and other facilities, whether the government, contractors or private property owners are at fault.

Underserved Crash Victims

While our practice centers on cases involving wrongful death and life-changing injuries, our commitment to the cycling community means we will take hit-and-run and other hard cases that other firms don’t.   We also have extensive experience representing other vulnerable street users, including skateboarders, skaters, and people injured on motorcycles, motor scooters and kick scooters.

Intentional Torts

We have represented and won justice for victims of spousal abuse, rape and assault.

Employment Disputes

We counsel and represent employees faced with on-the-job discrimination or wrongful termination.

Freedom of Information

We are experienced litigators under the New York Freedom of Information law and have won disclosure of critical information for media and other clients, including boxes of emails showing the attempts to remove the Prospect Park West bike path and a decision criticizing the NYPD for failing to timely disclose information regarding the death of our client’s son in a bicycle-motor vehicle crash.