Steve Vaccaro Statement to City Council About NYPD Treatment of Cyclists

Statement of Steve Vaccaro to New York City Council Transportation Committee, November 20, 2014 Thank you for the opportunity to speak. Our city is doing a great many things right when it comes to encouraging cycling and making us a national and international leader in sustainable, healthy transportation. Others will speak to what we’re doing […]

Vaccaro & White Recover $1.1 Million for Family of Woman Killed by Police

The Law Office of Vaccaro & White recovered $1,100,003 from the City of New York in a suit alleging excessive force and discrimination on the basis of disability arsing out of the death of Shereese Francis.  Summoned to assist in transporting her to the hospital, four police officers ignored NYPD rules and training, chased Shereese […]

CBS2: “News Parents Of Toddler Killed By SUV Driver Furious After Tickets Dismissed”

CBS2 reports on the Liao family’s quest for justice for their daughter, killed by a reckless motorist. The s mishandling of tickets issued to the driver was uncovered during the wrongful death case brought by Vaccaro & White. Click here for the video report. Print version below. NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The heartbroken parents of a […]

Gothamist: “Will Banning Big Trucks Make Canal Street Less Deadly?”

Hsi-Pei Liao, who learned last week that the DMV had voided tickets issued to the driver who killed his 3-year-old daughter and injured his mother in Queens last year was on hand.  “We just want justice for what happened,” Liao said. “It’s very hard for us to be here and talk about our family’s death […]

卫真/大纪元: “市议员陈倩雯 将推动立法来提高华埠坚尼街的行人安全。”

过去的两个月来,曼哈顿下城发生4起行人致死的车祸,包括坚尼街上的2起,但是这些事故的肇事司机没有一个为此受到处罚。 陈倩雯介绍,今年初生效的一项法律规定,如果司机撞到拥有路权的行人就是违法,将被处罚,而这几起事故有明显的证据显示司机已经触犯这项法律。 “我一直强烈支持上周实施的25英里限速,但是实现‘零伤亡愿景’,我们还需要更进一步。”她说,“我们需要依据法律,对违法的司机严格执法。” 到场发言支持陈倩雯推动立法的还有第一和第三社区委员会的代表,以及律师瓦卡罗(Steve Vaccaro),他也是廖家一案的律师。